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How to Discover Which Shopify Theme a Store is Using

How to Discover Which Shopify Theme a Store is Using

Ever come across a Shopify store that has just the aesthetic and functionality you’re looking for? Now if only you could figure out what Shopify theme they are using. Shopify has over 100 themes to choose from, so with so many themes how do you tell? 

Fortunately, there are a few ways to identify which Shopify theme a store is using.

1. Use an online theme detector tool

The simplest method would be to use an online theme detector like Shopify Theme Detector or What Store Theme. Just enter the store address that you’d like to know the theme of and these sites will give you the title of the live theme being used on the store. While the merchant will usually keep the theme name in the title, sometimes they rename the theme to fit their branding. In this case, these tools won’t be of much help.

WhatStoreTheme - Shopify theme inspector tool

2. Install the Shopify Inspector app

Shopify Inspector is not only an excellent tool for finding which theme a store is using but offers additional features to help you scope out your competitors. Discover best selling products, apps and plugins the store uses, where they get their traffic and more. 

Head over to the Chrome Web Store to download the extension. Once installed, navigate to the store you’d like to inspect and click on your Shopify Inspector extension. Even if the title of the theme doesn’t contain the theme’s name, the inspector includes a link which takes you directly to the theme’s page on Shopify.

Shopify Inspector

3. Inspect Using Chrome DevTools

If you have a bit more technical know-how, using Chrome DevTools might be an easy and quick option for discovering which Shopify theme a store is using.

Option 1: Search the Console

Many developers include their theme version in the main JavaScript file and output it to the console so looking here is a good starting point. 

Step 1

Right-click on the background of the page and select the option “Inspect.” A sidebar window should open on the right-hand side of your browser. 

Step 2

Click on the “Console” tab and search for any messages that contain the theme name. 

Chrome dev tools

Option 2: Search Elements

If you came up empty-handed searching the console, try searching the page elements to find the theme name. 

Step 1

Within the inspector tools, click on Elements. 

Step 2

The Elements section includes all the source code for the webpage you are on. Use the CTRL + F option to open the search box.

Step 3

Search for the words “Shopify.theme” and every instance of this phrase will be highlighted in yellow. Find the instance where Shopify.theme is followed by “name”: in curly brackets. This should give you the name of the Shopify theme the store is using.

Shopify theme source code

There you have it! 3 easy ways to identify which Shopify theme a store is using so you can use the same theme in your store.

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